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Community Liaison Program (CLP)

CLP LogoStrengthening the Community With Pride in Business and Public Partnerships

Mission of the ACTIC Community Liaison Program

  • To provide a direct link between the state Counter Terrorism Information Center and the citizens, business community, and Tribal Nations in Arizona
  • Establishing and enhancing intelligence gathering and dissemination by any and all means available will make Arizona the safest and most prepared state in the nation

CLP Request

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The Community Liaison Program was established in April, 2006.  It created the public outreach section of ACTIC. The program focuses on: Training, Presentations, Liaison, and Tours for Business and Public Communities in Arizona.  This program supports Arizona's and the National Homeland Security Strategies of "Strengthening Information Sharing and Collaboration Capabilities."

More than 4,000 contact representatives from 300 private and public sector organizations participate in the Community Liaison Program.

Ongoing Goals of the Program

  • Establish and Maintain a Strong "Two-Way Information Flow" that Shares Knowledge between Law Enforcement, Local Businesses and the Public.
  • Provide a Dedicated Public Safety Liaison to Manage the Program and actively promote the Importance of Treating every business like it was a "Critical Infrastructure Business."

CLP is a conduit for assimilating information flow "To and From" law enforcement agencies into impacted communities. This results in the ability to share information faster through a Redaction Process (compiling & building multiple sources of information into one single form) via DHS/FBI bulletins, Terrorism Liaison Officer and LEA contacts.

Informing AZ now... To Prepare for Tomorrow...

Immediate Benefits

Vital Business/Community Roles in:

  • Preventing criminal or terrorist activity
  • Identifying potential threats
  • Protecting critical infrastructure
  • Create an awareness of localized security issues, challenges, and business interdependencies

Participating Partners

  • Religious groups
  • Block watches
  • Private security companies
  • Tourism industry
  • Financial groups
  • Utility companies
  • Public health organizations
  • Educational institutions
  • Technology
  • Transportation
  • Community Groups
  • And Many More...

Promoting partnerships

  • Arizona Emergency Management Agency
  • InfraGard/FBI
  • Department of Homeland Security

Join Now / Learn More

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The Community Liaison Program enhances community protection by involving the community at large.

The CLP has been recognized by the US Department of Homeland Security as: "A Model Program for the rest of the Nation to follow"
~ August 10th, 2007