DIAL 911

If this is an emergency, or a crime, please dial 911 immediately.



You can play an important role in homeland security by being vigilant and watching for signs of terrorist, criminal or suspicious activity. We depend on your assistance in reporting the details of what you see while remaining anonymous if you wish.

Or if you like, Call - (602) 644-5805


Mission and Vision Statement

One of the most serious challenges impacting homeland security is the timely exchange of intelligence and critical information between state, local and federal agencies. Accurate and timely intelligence is the key to the most fundamental responsibility of government, protecting its citizens and critical infrastructures. The ACTIC provides tactical and strategic intelligence collection; analysis and dissemination support to local, state, tribal and federal law enforcement agencies and is the States central point of contact for criminal intelligence and counter terrorism issues.


Mission Statement

The mission of the Arizona Counter Terrorism Information Center is to protect the public and critical infrastructures of the State of Arizona by enhancing and coordinating information sharing and providing effective, efficient, ethical, lawful, and professional intelligence investigative support for local, county, state, tribal, federal, and private sector partners.


Vision Statement

To address all threats and hazards, thereby providing a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Arizona.