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This page includes information and resources developed by ACTIC and other Federal agencies for you to explore.

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The Bomb-Making Materials Awareness Program (BMAP) is a counter-terrorism risk management bombing prevention program sponsored by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) Office for Bombing Prevention (OBP). BMAP focuses on restricting access by malicious actors to explosive precursor chemicals, explosive powders, exploding target materials, associated components, and delivery methods.

The program is most effective during the terrorist attack cycle’s planning phase. The two focus areas of BMAP are the acquisition of materials and bomb-building stages. In addition, BMAP conducts outreach, training and awareness with private and public sector stakeholders, which increases awareness of those everyday products that terrorists, criminals and others can use to make a bomb or other dangerous explosive mixtures and/or device.

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Recognize the Signs of Terrorism-Related Suspicious Activity

  • Expressed or Implied Threat
    Communicating a spoken or written threat to commit a crime that could harm or kill people or damage a facility, infrastructure, or secured site

  • Observation/Surveillance
    A prolonged or unusual interest in facilities, buildings, or infrastructure beyond casual or professional interest, in a suspicious manner

  • Photography
    Taking pictures or videos of persons, facilities, buildings, or infrastructure in a covert manner, such as taking photos or video or security-related equipment or personnel, infrequently used access points, or the structure of a building

  • Theft/Loss/Diversion
    Stealing or diverting items such as equipment, uniforms, or badges that belong to a facility or secured site

  • Testing or Probing of Security
    Challenging or testing a facility’s security or IT systems to asses the strength or weakness of the target

  • Aviation Activity
    Operating or interfering with the operation of an aircraft that poses a threat of harm to people and property

  • Breach/Attempted Intrusion
    Unauthorized people trying to enter a restricted area or impersonating authorized personnel

  • Misrepresentation
    Presenting false information or misusing documents to conceal possible illegal activity

  • Eliciting Information
    Questioning personnel beyond mere curiosity about an event, facility, or operations

  • Acquisition of Expertise
    Gaining skills or knowledge on a specific topic, such as facility security, military tactics, or flying an aircraft

  • Cyberattack
    Disrupting or compromising an organization’s information technology systems

  • Recruiting/Financing
    Funding suspicious or criminal activity or recruiting people to participate in criminal or terrorist activity

  • Sabotage/Tampering/Vandalism
    Damaging or destroying part of a facility, infrastructure, or secured site

  • Materials Acquisition/Storage
    Acquisition and/or storage of unusual materials such as cell phones, radio controllers, or toxic materials

  • Weapons Collection/Storage
    Collection or discovery of unusual amounts of weapons including explosives, chemicals, or other destructive materials

  • Sector-Specific Incident
    Actions which raise concerns to specific sectors, (e.g., power plant) with regard to their personnel, facilities, systems, or functions


Recognize The Signs

Download the "Recognize The Signs" infographic:

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National Suspicious Activity Reporting Initiative Link can be found below:




DIAL 911

If this is an emergency, or a crime, please dial 911 immediately.



You can play an important role in homeland security by being vigilant and watching for signs of terrorist, criminal or suspicious activity. We depend on your assistance in reporting the details of what you see while remaining anonymous if you wish.

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